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Welcome to the Golden Gazette Online, Nazareth College’s new newspaper!   The Golden Gazette is an entirely student run publication.  It is our goal to provide the Nazareth community with honest and factual information about students, staff, clubs, on and off campus events, and the Rochester area.  Additionally, we will be providing entertaining pieces for your reading and viewing pleasure.  We also hope to help create stronger connections within the community by working with different campus services and organizations to assist in the promotion of all that our college and the Rochester area has to offer.

Comment Policy

Nazareth College reserves the right, but is not obliged, to remove comments that are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, bullying, violent, obscene, spam, that advocate illegal activity, contain falsehoods, are wildly off topic, duplicate, libel, incite, threaten, or make ad hominem attacks on Nazareth students, employees, guests, or other individuals. We also do not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial, political, or other ventures unless we deem them related to the College, its members, or its operation. All content and posts are bound by the Terms and Community Guidelines for that service.

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