The Fantastic Circus of Professor Lorenzo: Part II

The show was just about to begin, but it gave everyone enough time to get ready for the show, even Maria. Christopher showed her where she could change for the show. The dressing room was more than she what she could ever want. All of the costumes seemed to be out of her own dreams and the perfume smelled like heaven’s own scent. Maria thanked Christopher for her own dressing room, but suddenly a thought came to her unexpectedly she had to ask him.

“Everyone else has their parts and talents in the circus… But I don’t have any part or talent at all. What am I supposed to do?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about it, my dear, everything you need is right here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find you own talent. I will leave you to get ready,” Christopher replied, leaving the room to give Maria some privacy while she changed.

Maria started to look for the perfect costume for her first performance, but all of them looked so nice she couldn’t decide which one to wear. That was, until she found one outfit that sparkled like starlight. She tried it on and it fit perfectly, like it was made just for her. Next Maria went the makeup desk to freshen herself up.

When she was ready for the show Maria looked at her new self in a tall mirror. She saw herself as a beautiful young lady that she wished her parents could have seen. She felt as if she was a princess in a magical fairy tale world and that Christopher was her prince charming.

A knock came from the door with Christopher asking, “Are you ready? The show is about to begin!”

Maria opened the door to show him her new look. Christopher was so amazed to see her that he said, “Oh, wow, you look magical!”

“Thank you so much,” she said with a big smile on her face, “I saw this outfit and felt like I should wear it for my first time in the circus.”

“Indeed you should,” Christopher said, “It used to belong to my mother. So did this dressing room.”

“Really?” Maria said.

“Yes, she was my father’s assistant even before I was born.”

“I had no idea, that’s amazing. Where are they now?” Maria asked, wondering.

“They’re dead I’m afraid, they died from a terrible disease when I was very young.”

“Oh, gosh,” said Maria, “I am so sorry, that must have been terrible for you.”

“It was,” said Christopher, “But at least we have each other and our circus friends. That’s something we have now.”

A moment suddenly came over them as if fate wished for them to spend their lives together. They moved closer to each over to seal their fate with a kiss of love until the music started playing at the Big Top, which got their full attention.

“Well,” said Christopher with a big smile of joy, “shall we begin the show?”

“Yes we shall.”

To be continued…

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Featured Image courtesy of Steve Parker Flickr


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