The Fantastic Circus of Professor Lorenzo

On a dark, cloudy day sadness filled the air and hearts were full of sorrow, all because the two good parents of a nice, beautiful girl had simply died during a car accident. Everyone came to the funeral to grieve the loss of her parents. The girl was not just crying because of her parents’ death, but also because she knew that no one else would be able to take her in.

However, in the distance there was a stranger standing in front of two tombstones, not like the kind of tombstones that her parents had over their graves. At that moment she knew she had to go over and see who he was, so she turned and walked over to him and she said, “Who are you, mister?”

“Hello there, miss. I am Professor Christopher Lorenzo, ringmaster of a circus of dreams and fantasies. And you are?”

“Maria,” she replied

“What a lovely name. So tell me, what reason do you have for shedding so many tears on your lovely cheeks?” asked Professor Lorenzo.

“My parents have died and I am at their funeral.”

“Oh I am terribly sorry, ma’am, do you not have anyone stay with?”

“No, I do not. Nowhere to live and no one to live with. I have nothing.”

“Well then, I suppose I could be the one to take care of you? After all, I do need an assistant.”

“In the circus?” asked Maria.

“Not just any circus, my dear… This is the kind of circus  beyond anything you could ever imagine! No animals or clowns, but instead, creatures from your childhood dreams.”

“Like what?”

“Well! Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you?”

All of the sudden, a strange looking limo appeared out of nowhere, as if by magic. Lorenzo opened the door and said, “After you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Please, call me Christopher.”

“Okay, Christopher.”

He knocked on the window and said, “To the circus, please.”

“Yes, sir!” said the driver, and so they drove on to the amazing circus that Maria had been wondering about. The circus of dreams… Maria started to think that this would be no ordinary circus after all.

They walked up to a huge tent, and inside were the most amazing creatures that Maria would ever know. She saw a magician called Wilden the Wonder who was making a woman float with no strings or wires, like real magic. There were elves shooting arrows, dwarves throwing axes and knives, acrobatic nymphs dancing about, even a beast tamer training manticores, gryphons, hippogriffs and chimeras while giants lifted weights and hammer planks.

Maria also saw Minotaur bull fighting, people riding dragons, mermaids singing and swimming and jumping through hoops, fairies flying in the air, and leprechauns acting as the circus bankers. The jugglers had six arms each, even the musicians were satyrs or fauns. There were also centaur races, men riding Pegasuses, women riding unicorns, pixies and brownies making jokes, and a gypsy with a third eye on her forehead. There were Sasquatches making people laugh and a yeti giving out ice cream and a canon that was shooting phoenixes into the open air.

All around her she saw mythical creatures doing talented and magical things.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Christopher.

“This place is amazing, it feels like a dream,” said Maria.

“That’s great to hear, my family and I have been running this circus for generations.”

“What exactly are you and your family?” Maria asked.

“I’m human, if that is what you’re asking, I’ll live and die just like you will. My children and their children’s children will carry on the family business after me.” He paused for a moment and then said, “You can live here as long as you want, Maria.”

Maria jumped up and hugged Christopher and gave him her thanks.

Christopher said, “Welcome to the family. Oh, and one more thing, I’d like you to meet my pet dragon.”

After Christopher was done talking to Maria a dwarf came up and said, “What are we waiting here for? Let’s get this show on the road!”

“Alright,” said Christopher, “let’s get ready for the show, everyone! These people are going to have the greatest time of their lives!”

To be continued…


Featured Image courtesy of Nathan King Flickr

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