The Five Nightmares of Woodsward

By Jason Frank, Nazareth College Student

In a dark and gloomy land where the sun never shines, there were five haunted places. An old mansion, a old house, a old farm, dark woods, and an old cemetery. These five areas make a big circle and form a pentagram. These lands have been haunted by an evil curse. The Woodsward family use to own the land until one member, Merrick Woodsward, wanted the lands for himself. He cursed the land with a magical talisman given to him by a demon from the abyss to convince his family to give him the land—the land full of spirits, ghouls and many things that come from your worst nightmares. But when the family found out about the talisman from one of their maids, they tried to stop Merrick. But it was too late. The traitorous family member was killed for the crime. The family removed the jewels from the talisman and hid each one in every place of the lands thinking it would end the curse. Alas, it did not work, so the curse lived on.

After 100 years, a group of young teenage kids came to the land. So it was up to the team of teenagers to uncover the horrible truth and to find the secret of Woodswards history and break the curse. But in order to do that they must find the five jewels of the talisman in the five areas. They must, however, face the evil spirits, ghouls, and demons and more that guards this properties. The old house is haunted by frightening ghosts that terrorized a family when the curse was cast. And the first jewel is hidden in the eye of the raven. The old grave yard was used for burying the dead relatives of the Woodsward family. It is guarded by ghouls, skeletons, and zombies, the second jewel is in the tomb of Merrick Woodsward but the key to get in the tomb is buried in one of the family member’s graves. The old farm is guarded by possessed farm animals controlled by a scarecrow. The scarecrow inhabited by the ghost of a dead farmer who was killed by locals for killing his wife with a scythe around the time when the lands were cursed. So the farmers kids made the scarecrow out of the farmers own clothes until the scarecrow came to life and he had the third jewel. The trees of the dark woods are alive and evil. A little girl traveled to the woods and went missing on the same day the curse began. The fourth jewel is on the biggest tree in the heart of the woods. The Woodsward mansion where the Woodsward family resided is full of evil ghosts and demons. The last jewel of the talisman is hidden somewhere in this great house.

So good luck foolish mortals, oh, you’re going to need it.

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