The Protectors of Justice

From a great desperate act, an evil scientist named Dr. Scourge did an experiment that gave him the great, ultimate power of mind control and energy absorption. He also gathered up an alliance with great and powerful villains in order to rule the world.

Pursuing Dr. Scourge, his old assistant Dr. Laura Melton decided to create a team of young superheroes to stop Scourge and his evil plan to take over the world. Dr. Melton gathered up the extraordinary children, whose families had been killed by Scourge and his band of villains, each with great abilities to help save the world.

One was a farm boy who lost his voice in an accident. He always woke up to the sound of the rooster crowing, which gave him the ability to create a device that would not only give him back his voice, but also give him the power to make high pitched sound waves come out of his own mouth.

One was a scientist who injected himself with a serum he created that gave him the ability to self-multiply.adler-bird-bird-of-prey-raptor-53587

One was part of an African tribe believed to have the power to become different creatures of nature that had been wiped out.

One was an average school kid who found a golden star talisman inside a meteor that fell to earth that gave him the power of light.

One was given a cloak that gave him the power to become a shadowy spirit-like specter.

Two of the children were young twins who were marine biologists in training that were always connected to the ocean and its creatures. They had the ability to control water and communicate with the undersea kingdom.

One was a ninja that was given the ability to turn invisible.

One was a young combat boxer who was given the ability to stretch like rubber and expand his hands and feet.

One was a child whose father was a military general killed in action. He was given the ability of great strength and could generate fire from his body.

One was a young worker at a power plant who had fallen into a generator but survived, only to discover he had the ability to create speed and electricity- he could even shoot it out of his hands!

And last but not least, one child was a great and inspiring young man, loyal and honorable to his country. His parents were great agents that worked for the president of the U.S.A. His father was the keeper of a sacred relic called the Sword of America, which was a sword that was made of the metal from the heart of a fallen star that had fallen to earth around the time of the Revolutionary War. It was used by George Washington himself to fight against the British.

This child’s parents died in a fire caused by Dr. Scourge that he witnessed right before his own eyes. After the fire happened, a bald eagle flew out of the flames and landed right in front of him, giving him the broken pieces of the Sword of America. As a promise to his parents, Dr. Melton took him in. The child wanted to make Scourge pay for what he had done to his parents. He reforged the sword, making it better than ever and asked Dr. Melton to give him the powers he needed to avenge his parents. Dr. Melton injected him with the DNA of the bald eagle, the symbol of America, which gave him great strength, enhanced senses and the wings of an eagle.

The great experiment was a complete success, but during this process, the entire lab exploded. The children survived but the kids couldn’t leave Dr. Melton behind after all she did to give them the chance to avenge their families. They all gathered around to help her up, then ran and hid in the mountains.

There was one girl who given the same eagle DNA who managed to escape the lab explosion. The boy with the bald eagle powers remembered seeing a young beautiful girl with wings in the lab before they got out…

Five years later they grew into fully grown teenagers and built a secret base called The Nest, with Dr. Milton as their mentor. They gave themselves superhero names to honor their great deeds.
Sonic Rooster,
the Black Ninja,
the Aqua Twins, Rift and Aquada,
Last Bash,
Gold Star,
Jungle Beast,
Shadow Ghost,
Brimstone Commando,
and their great leader, Captain Eagle.

This great team of heroes banded together to fight against Dr. Scourge and his followers.

However, Captain Eagle still remembered the girl who was given the same injection that he was. He planned to go find her before Scourge could. Captain Eagle wanted to make her part of the team as Eagle Girl to help them save the world.

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