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Olivia Bauso wearing a checkered tunic is super festive!

Finals Week Fashion

Haley DeVona, 18',  enjoys nice weather under autumn trees with a white shirt, jeans and summer sandals.

Fall Semester Fashion

CoreLife Eatery

College Night at CoreLife Eatery

College Night at CoreLife Eatery It’s difficult to find a balance between saving money and eating healthy. Todd Mansfield, CoreLife...

Basil Plant

4 More Easy Ways to be Environmentally Friendly

As a continuation of a previous post, I have compiled the following suggestions for anyone who would like to be more environmentally...


Couponing 101

I am sure many of you have heard about extreme couponing, or have used a coupon. Although extreme couponing seems a bit bizarre and time...


6 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be extremely difficult. As I have learned in my own experiences, everyone handles situations differently. What are...


The Best Places to Run in Rochester

With warmer weather approaching, I can’t help but get excited about getting off the treadmill and back outside to my favorite places to...


Fun Ways to Exercise During College

Everyone knows about the “Freshman 15,’ but no one ever expects it to happen to them. In reality, a majority of first-year...


Dealing with Anxiety

Going to school was getting harder and harder. To sit in a classroom and not feel anxious was nearly impossible. Taking tests and keeping...


Is Your Stress Causing TMJ?

Imagine falling asleep in your bed. It’s one in the morning and you’re nervous about your impending exam. Your jaw tightens. The...