8 Crockpot Meals to get you through the Day

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I love having a kitchen where I can cook my own meals, but with school, work and play, sometimes I don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen prepping meals. On days when I’m little short on time, I find myself enviously looking at my roommate’s crock pot. Within 15 minutes, my roommate can wake up and chop and prep all her ingredients, and then with a push of a button she will have her dinner made for that evening.

While crock pots may seem intimidating at first, they can turn a complicated recipe into a simple, delicious meal. Below, I have compiled eight slow cooker recipes, from breakfast to dessert, which can help fuel you through a busy day.

Veggie Omelet

A refreshing start to the morning, this omelet is full of vegetables. And the best part, you can easily use different kinds of veggies to create your own combinations! Get the recipe.

French Toast Casserole

When you want something warm and sweet to start the weekend, try this French toast casserole which is loaded with warm apples and cinnamon. Get the recipe.


A spicy Cajun dish, jambalaya is perfect for both lunch and dinner. For a twist, add your favorite cheese and a little hot sauce with the shrimp. Get the recipe.

White Chicken Chili

Want to make chili but don’t want the heavy beef base? Try making this white chicken chili, which is both light and spicy. Get the recipe.

Pulled Pork

That delicious melt-in-your-mouth taste pairs perfectly with onions and apples. For a side, try making an herb mac and cheese. Get the recipe.

Vegetable Lasagna

Packed with tomatoes, spinach, zucchini and mushrooms, this lasagna recipe is both healthy and delicious! Want meat? Go ahead and add some! Get the recipe.

Peach Cobbler

Made from peaches, white cake mix and butter, this recipe is both fresh and simple. Don’t have fresh peaches? Don’t worry, you can use canned. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Lava Cake

A delicious and gooey dessert, chocolate lava cakes are the perfect end to a long day. You can serve them with ice cream, or add white or dark chocolate chip for a richer topping. Get the recipe.

So on days when you’re a little short on time, pull out the crock pot for delicious meals with easy prep and clean up. Don’t have a crock pot? Ask to borrow a friend’s or consider investing in one. Its simple one-pot meals are definitely worth it!


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