Got the Textbook Price Blues?


Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Textbook season has arrived and if you are like me, you had more fun spending your money than saving it this summer. So now you are faced with these crazy textbook prices and you do not know what to do. Well you are in luck! I have been down this road once, twice, or maybe every semester since I started at Nazareth. You have several options aside from the book store to try and ease the pain on your wallet.

  1. Amazon: You can buy or rent textbooks from Amazon in new and used conditions. They also offer eTextbooks that can be used on your iPad, your iPhone, Kindle, MAC, PC, almost anything. And they offer a student discount, where you can get Amazon Prime at half the cost which can get you FREE 2 day shipping!
  2. This website is a life saver. Just put in the ISBN for the textbook and it searches over 100+ online stores for the cheapest price! It shows new, used, and rental options.
  3. Chegg/AbeBooks: Not in the mood to sift through the options given by campusbooks? Go straight to source and search or They offer savings up to 90%! Now you will not find a lot of books that are 90% off, but they really do offer phenomenal savings.
  4. The Library: Still cannot find a price you are comfortable paying? Professors have to keep at least one copy of the textbook in the library and you can photocopy it so you can take it with you. While this is not the most ecologically friendly option, it does work.
  5. Share with a friend: We all know sharing is caring, so if you have a friend in the class, offer to split the cost of the book with them so you both can use it. But be careful, some professors require a physical copy of the book (whether it be the book itself or a photocopied version of it) to be counted present in class so this option is not always workable.

And remember, if the required textbook is one with an access card, you will not be able to rent it or buy it used as the codes are often one time use only. This means you will not be able to find the textbook in the library and cannot share with a friend. Please do not be afraid to talk to your professors, many are sympathetic to us and will try their best to help.

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