7 Inspiring Fitness and Health Accounts You Should Follow on IG


As someone who enjoys staying active and healthy, I’ve found that being a full-time college student and working part-time can make a fit lifestyle hard to achieve. With long school days and even longer homework assignments, it can be difficult for many 20-somethings to stay motivated or inspired when it comes to exercise and eating habits.

Below is a list of seven amazing Instagram accounts to help you get excited about living a healthy lifestyle:

#1 Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

As a 24-year-old Australian personal trainer, Kayla Itsines took her passion for fitness and created a presence on Instagram to share her effective methods.  She created the “Bikini Body Workout” guides, but also posts workout videos, transformation pictures, motivational quotes, and yummy food inspiration on her page. She preaches self-confidence and healthy living; never body-shaming or intimidating her followers, but encouraging everyone to work hard and love their bodies.

#2 Niki (@sugarysixpack)

With 276K followers, Niki, AKA @sugarysixpack, frequently posts workout videos with moves that can be done in a dorm room, a driveway, or the park. In the comments section, the moves and the amount of rounds in the workout are explained. Her videos are comprised of a few fun and fairly easy moves that offer quick and effective workout options, perfect for the college-student lifestyle.

#3 Feel Good Foodie (@feelgoodfoodie)

Having over a million followers, this page is a collection of original recipes, that are colorful, easy, and mouth-watering, not to mention healthy.  The ingredients and instructions necessary are included in the comments, which is convenient for college students when dining hall food just doesn’t seem appealing.

#4 NaNa (@NaNa_health)

This motivational mom of two posts great, creative household workouts that can be done with chairs, brooms, bands, and light weights. Her page is really inspiring and perfect for anyone who despises the gym or needs a quick and effective workout.

#5 College-cookin (@college.cookin)

With the slogan “simple, healthy, college-friendly meals,” this page is a great one for students. Ingredients and instructions are included to help make your college meals a little brighter, and a lot healthier. They offer meal ideas such as turkey-stuffed peppers, banana chocolate muffins, and healthy chicken noodle soup.

#6 Gym Videos (@gym_videos)

Gym Videos posts a variety of workouts from other fitness pages. These workouts can be done in all different settings, which is why it’s perfect for people of all different fitness levels. Like the previously mentioned pages, @gymvideos provides great “fitspo” when you need it.

#7 Kathryn Franch (@kats_Kitchen_)

Although her follower count may seem low compared to many of the other health food pages, @kats_kitchen_ offers “easy, peasy” meal ideas and is run by a current college student from my very own hometown. These are all college friendly meals that are satisfying and delicious, and her page will make healthy choices seem much easier and affordable.

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