College Night at CoreLife Eatery

CoreLife Eatery

College Night at CoreLife Eatery

It’s difficult to find a balance between saving money and eating healthy. Todd Mansfield, CoreLife Eatery’s co-founder and co-owner, thinks he has the solution and is inviting local college students for a FREE meal this Wednesday night!

The crisp, clean atmosphere of CoreLife Eatery emulates their concept of pure, healthy living. The air in CoreLife breathes a mixture of the warm feeling of Panera and the industrial design of Chipotle  – bringing a “nice beat and vibe” to the store and making customers feel welcomed the moment they walk through the door.

Todd, a licensed Physical Therapist, with a background in nutrition and metabolic medicine believes CoreLife Eatery is the place to go if you are interested in “health, wellness, and a more productive life.”


A brief background…

The ‘core’ of CoreLife began with a strong desire to provide customers with healthier meats and plant-based foods. They wanted to be relevant to the millennial that cares about what they eat and where their food comes from, while still creating a menu that is affordable and tastes great.

CoreLife first opened its doors in May of 2015 in Syracuse, New York. The idea stemmed from Todd and his friends’ discussion of where the best place to eat would be if they wanted a healthy meal on the go. He stated, “Panera, Chipotle, and Subway were the three most common answers that we have heard and continue to hear.” Todd explained that when you actually look at these restaurants’ menus, preservatives and nutrition facts of each item, they are not “all that healthy.”

How does CoreLife benefit from the college night event?

“We feel like our audience really are millennials. Our audience is the main influencer in our brand. The reason we are successful is because people your age are the ones that really tell the story and this is what we’re actually looking for. We feel that if we can get people, especially college kids, into the store and have them try it and find a taste profile that they like… they will rave about our food and get themselves healthier.”

Todd and his CoreLife team feel they have the answer to those who want food that doesn’t leave them with buyer’s or eater’s regret. How you eat today will directly affect how you feel tomorrow.

“We believe the more communities we get to, the healthier that community is going to become.” 

Change the way you think about eating by being one of the first to check out CoreLife Eatery, this Wednesday from 5:00-7:30 PM. 

All you need to do for a free meal is show up here with your college ID and proof you have liked their Henrietta Facebook page

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