Fun Ways to Exercise During College


Everyone knows about the “Freshman 15,’ but no one ever expects it to happen to them.

In reality, a majority of first-year freshman are affected by the Freshman 15, and it continues all throughout college. For some people it is inevitable when there is access to a variety of food and drink at the dining hall and local restaurants 24/7.

One of the easiest ways to prevent experiencing the Freshman 15 is to exercise. People often make excuses for their lack of exercise, such as not having time between going to class, doing homework, studying, being involved on campus, and hanging out with their friends – however, exercise can always be made a priority.

Below are some great ways to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule while still enjoying yourself:

  1. Join a sports/club team | This is a great way to get a workout in everyday from practices to games while having fun with friends and teammates. Being on a sports team is a great way to keep you in shape all year long. Sports require you to stay in shape so you can perform at your best, which in return helps you keep off the excess weight. Although everyone does not have the time or commitment for a sports team, there are club teams which are not as time-consuming and are less strenuous on your body, yet still provide you with the exercise you need to stay healthy.
  2. Intramurals | Nazareth offers a variety of one hour classes throughout the week that anyone can join for free. Zumba is an intense dance workout offered in Nazareth’s dance studio. Nazareth also offers an absolute toning class in the mornings before classes start for the day. This is a great way to start off your day and get a great workout in. If you do not have time in the morning, there is also open gym time in the evenings where you can play basketball, soccer, or volleyball. Intramurals are a fun way to exercise while being with friends.
  3. The canal | Another fun activity to get your exercise in for the day is going to the canal in Pittsford. It has a lot to offer whether you choose to rent a bike from Bikes @ Naz, go for a run with friends, or simply take a walk. There is beautiful scenery along the canal and several trails to explore. Bikes are free for rental anytime. All you have to do is go to the Bikes @ Naz office located in Shultz. Grab a friend or two and complete your daily workout by going for an adventure through Pittsford.

Photo from Flickr via Creative Commons

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