BEER:30 Lock 32 Brewing Company

IMG_4163What is better than a cold beer with a view of the canal? The answer: nothing.

Lock 32 Brewing is located at 10 Schoen Place in Pittsford, New York and is the perfect spot to stop and have a refreshing craft beer with friends of family. This location is within walking distance from Nazareth College (and for those of legal age, I suggest you start walking as soon as you read this).

The atmosphere this place offers is outstanding. It is a brewery that you can walk into alone and feel like you are at home with friends and family. The staff is amazing and treats each customer with respect and kindness. For me, walking in for my third time and meeting two of the owners, Seth Clark and Casey Dunlavey, the experience was one to remember. It is always a joy for a craft beer drinker to be able to go into a place of business and have a beer and chat with the owners one-on-one and express the gratitude for the work that goes into making a great beer.

When I sat down with Seth, we chatted about the process that occurred during the creation of Lock 32, his favorite beers, how they name a beer, and benefits and events they have for customers.

One question all craft beer drinkers have is what their favorite style of beer is – and for Seth, it is an IPA. “Depending on the month and season, I might go for ‘Palate Wrecker’ IPA (very bitter) or a ‘Session’ IPA, but I love all styles.” For IPA drinkers, Lock 32 offers a few. One is their ‘Flower City American’ IPA, which has a golden glow and well-balanced, bread-like malt backbone. There’s a pleasant, lightly spiced, citrus aroma and a fruity – almost pear-like – finish. The Session beer, with its low bitterness, weighs in at 6.3 percent ABV. This, for most, is a mellow IPA.

Another they offer is the ‘Muel Fuel’ IPA. This big, mouth-watering double IPA boasts a vibrant orange color in the glass. Inhale the scent of floral-fruity confections: flavors of tropical fruits and candied citrus zest lead the way to a lightly piney finish, all balanced with a residual sweetness that matches the subtle, spiced bitterness and weighs in at 8 percent ABV.

All of the beers are canal-themed. The names of the beer have some sort of meaning to them, such as Rochester and the history of the canal. Seth and Casey say a “thousand text messages” are sent between them and John and “majority rules.” The goal behind the beers is accessibility to all beer drinkers. It depends on who walks through the door. “All walks of life” come into Lock 32 and their needs to be a beer for everyone. This, I can attest, is true. There is a beer for everyone here: IPA, Stout, Red Ale, Belgian, Scotch Ale, Pale Ale, and many more.

Lock 32 has many weekly events listed on their website for all to enjoy, along with beer descriptions, where to find their beer (13 Wegmans locations around Rochester, AJ’s Beer Warehouse), price (it sells for around $10 per six pack), and much more. They also have a mug club, which costs $75 for the full year (but the waiting list is over 300 people, so be patient).

To find out more about Lock 32, check out their social media: Facebook (Lock 32 Brewing), Twitter (@Lock32_Brew_Co), and Instagram (Lock32brewco).

Remember, drink locally and be responsible. Cheers!

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