Boxcar Bliss

You’re craving doughnuts and fried chicken and you don’t know where to go. Well, if you’re in Rochester you’re in luck. Go to Boxcar! This quaint, little restaurant located at 127 Railroad Street is calling your name. Claiming to have a love for all things fried, Boxcar sells specialty doughnuts, fried chicken, coffee and delicious cocktails. It recently opened in May of 2017 and has been a hit among city dwellers and donut connoisseurs. The owners of Glen Edith Coffee Roasters started Boxcar. They came up with the idea when they realized they’d save money by baking their own treats. Once finally perfecting their doughnut recipes and channeling New York City vibes with their artsy designs and extravagant flavors, the owners began selling the doughnuts at Glen Edith locations. These doughnuts became such a hit, that Boxcar eventually opened, selling these fried treats as well as other savory items.

Boxcar’s doughnut flavors include but aren’t limited to:pasted image 0-2

  •       Fruity pebbles
  •       Cannoli
  •       Maple bacon
  •       Key lime


But perhaps you are more in the mood for something salty and crunchy. Well, you should order their fried chicken. These may seem like random pairings; however, it somehow works. Various sauces come on the side such as korean barbecue and sriracha mayo. One of their more famous menu items is the waffles on a stick where you’ll find fried chicken wrapped in waffles. Boxcar also has vegan and vegetarian options. This place is an adorable location for pictures. Perhaps you are in need of some inspiration or you’re craving the urban environment Rochester has to offer. This cafe is also a great stop to make before you head to the Public Market, which is conveniently within walking distance.

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I hope Boxcar is next on your list!


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