Brunch at Label 7 Napa Eatery and Bar


OK, so here’s the situation: It’s Sunday morning and you’re too tired to finish the homework due on Monday morning, but you’re also starving.

What solution could simultaneously fulfill your hunger and need for procrastination? A-HA! You think of the perfect solution and quickly wrap yourself in a blanket to wake your roommate or find your best friend.


I like to think of myself as a professional brunch connoisseur (on account of my love for mimosas and omelettes). Therefore, I want to focus on one of my new favorites. If you live on campus, I have the perfect suggestion for you because it’s very close by. (If we ever get nicer weather, it’s even within walking distance.)

Label 7 Napa Eatery and Bar has been a canal side restaurant since 2008. Label 7 prides themselves in serving “local, healthy, and sustainable choices.” An added bonus is the patio seating available during pleasant weather. Although I ate inside, I can imagine that a summertime brunch on the canal would be that much better. Here’s my take on what you really want to read about, the food.

Menu highlights:

  • Bottomless Mimosas
  • Warm Cinnamon Rolls
  • The Herbivore (omelette)
  • Steak & Eggs
  • Angry Caesar
  • L.A. Chicken
  • Vegetarian and Gluten Free options listed

What I Tried:

I ordered the Breakfast Burrito. The Breakfast Burrito (as you can see) was probably one of the largest I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve tried multiple versions in the Rochester area). The burrito is stuffed with scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, New York cheddar, and potato chunks. It also includes the choice of one side. Despite delicious sides like bacon and fresh fruit or a waffle and maple syrup, I opted for homefries.  Honestly, I just really like potatoes and I do not regret my decision. It was delicious.

Keep in mind, the portions are huge, so bring your appetite! I surely brought mine.

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