Chronicles of a Naz Intern: Hayley Johnson

Chronicles of a Naz Intern: Hayley Johnson

As an aspiring admissions counselor (and eventual vice president of university enrollment management… hopefully), my goal this semester was to intern in a similar atmosphere, one that will help students find their niche in a college atmosphere. So, when it was brought to my attention that the Residential/Campus Life departments here at Nazareth were looking for an intern, I knew I had to jump at that chance! The interview process was informal but at the same time, there was a lot at stake. During the interview I learned what some of the various things I’d be spending 120+ hours doing for undergraduate and graduate students, and also got to suggest some of my own project ideas. My supervisor Jane and I talked for a few hours about future social media ventures, policy changes, and gaining new perspectives. I couldn’t wait to get started!


My typical internship day starts with some paperwork: I get the scoop on residential organization, advertising for campus life, and new additions to the Nazareth website, then I make copies for the other employees. Since I come in at midday, my supervisors are sometimes in department meetings. Often times, they’ll want a student’s point of view, so myself and any Resident Assistants hanging out in the office are invited to give our input. Our most recent initiative, for instance, involved the latest trends in college jargon, so we were only happy to oblige! After that, I will huddle up in the comfy computer room to do some logistical work. I’ll gain insight from the Graduate Assistants, many of whom are in the Higher Education Student Affairs Administration graduate program here at Nazareth, in terms of what to do when students communicate directly with me. My career goals are similar to theirs, so it is really convenient for me to be able to observe their daily tasks.
When I am done for the day, I’ll take a moment to catch up on some emails and contact different departments as a representative of Jane (like catering or marketing, for example). Since the residential life staff is a tight-knit and friendly group, they’re always willing to bring my voice into public discussions. I am very lucky to be in a position where I have some autonomy, and that is something you can seek when you try experiential learning, too! Know your worth, and know that your talents can be used in various places!

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