Out & About: The Revelry

I arrived in Rochester for my first semester of school knowing surprisingly little about the city itself. Like any new college student, my focus upon arriving was learning about one thing: the social scene. Namely, the popular bars and restaurants that I had only heard about from friends.

Now, after four long years, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of Rochester’s bustling bar and restaurant scene. However, I have uncovered many gems along the way, including one of my favorite hangouts, The Revelry.

The Revelry (or ‘The Rev,’ as I like to call it) is a trendy American cocktail bar and restaurant located in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts. Opened in 2013 by husband and wife Josh and Jenna Miles, The Rev quickly garnered a reputation as a hot spot and it’s easy to see why.

Walking through the door you are greeted by an immediate sense of sophistication. Custom chandeliers drop from the ceiling, illuminating the bar and 1950s-inspired bookcase displaying a variety of spirits. As you approach the host stand, you step onto a glass window in the floor that looks down into the wine cellar, a cool little touch. The décor is just the beginning, though. What really brings this place to life, besides awesome drinks and food, is the staff. Behind the bar, you will find dapperly dressed cocktail specialists who make you feel right at home. Swanky cocktail restaurants can sometimes be pretty intimidating, but The Rev is no place to feel shy.

One of my fondest memories at The Revelry was after the Rochester Cocktail Revival (an event where groups of bars come together to celebrate the rebirth of the cocktail scenes), when the entire bar was singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” As the bartenders sang into fake microphones, a sense of belonging and life filled the air. The atmosphere at The Rev is truly something special.

As bartender Alex Wenzel put it, “There’s never a dull moment. Having some of the best bartenders in Rochester, you always leave the bar with a little more knowledge about the cocktail or spirit you are drinking.”

So whether you are going out with friends or grabbing a drink after work with coworkers, The Revelry will surely never disappoint.

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