Couponing 101

8630688661_1eb1ddcb29_mI am sure many of you have heard about extreme couponing, or have used a coupon.

Although extreme couponing seems a bit bizarre and time consuming (do not worry, this will not be about extreme couponing), couponing, in general, is such an awesome habit to pick up. Coming from a very large family, couponing was one of my favorite things as a kid! The thrill of saving so much money and getting more bang for your buck is fabulous.

How to start:

Tip #1: Look into email/reward programs for your favorite shops, restaurants, etc. Many businesses offer these programs because it keeps business booming. Most of the time these programs are completely free!

Tip #2: See if your city has a local save around coupon book. Rochester has one and it costs about $20, but the book eventually pays for itself with the use of just a few coupons! 

Tip #3: Ask places if they offer a student discount. Many businesses have student discounts, they just do not advertise them. Let’s face it, we are broke college kids … take advantage of the student discount while you can!

Tip #4: Do not fear the sale items rack, there are so many hidden treasures on sales racks! A lot of stores allow you to combine coupons on sale items also. (Double whammy!)

Tip #5: Sign up for stores’ texting programs. You get special texts when sales are happening, and sometimes these sales are for a certain period of time only. (Consider it coupon happy hour.)

Tip #6: Buy things in bulk – especially nonperishable items, as you can often see what the better deal is based on the unit price of an item located at the bottom left corner of the price tag. Sometimes it actually is a better deal buying the family size based on the unit price!

Challenge yourself to not pay full price for anything. Most of the time the items you are buying are marked up a significantly, so try couponing and witness the savings you will receive!

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