A Delicious Place

Fall is finally here. The smell of the crisp air fills our lungs and we all cannot help but to take a moment to feel the autumn breeze on our skin. Now, how do we get the most out of a Rochester fall season?

It’s simple, visit Leaf and Bean Coffee Co. Leaf and Bean is a small coffee shop located in Chili, approximately twenty-five minutes from Nazareth. This isn’t an ordinary coffee shop. Leaf and Bean is a family owned coffee shop that puts their best foot forward everyday.


For over a decade they have been putting smiles on customers’ faces. Leaf has everything from an espresso bar to soups and salads. Leaf and Bean is a quiet place where you can study for midterms or just a place to meet and laugh with friends. The orange painted walls, decorative paintings, and the sweet smell of coffee can release any stress away. I suggest you go and sit out on their patio and watch the sunset over the small town. The coffee shop is simple but it holds so many secrets.


Many Rochesterians are unaware of this small haven due to its location but once you step inside there is no going back. Everyone there will treat you with a smile. Their comfy chairs will enwrap you and all your worries will go away. It truly is the “heart of Chili.”

Next time you are in need of a quiet family friendly place, check out Leaf and Bean Coffee Co. They always serve you their best.


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