A Love Letter to John’s Tex Mex

Mural outside of John's Tex Mex. Maybe this is John?
Mural outside of John’s Tex Mex. Maybe this is John?

Dear John,

I write to you after dealing with years of struggle. I am not one to be quick with feelings. Admitting that there is something real between myself and anyone has always frightened me. After eating your delicious Tex Mex at 489 South Ave., Rochester, New York for the eighty-eighth time, I think can I say what I am feeling with the utmost confidence.

I love you.

And I guess I probably have always loved you. Maybe it was because the first time I went and ordered a burrito, it came out the size of a football. Or how about that time I sat next to Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan while he sucked down numerous cherry colas? I guess that is the thing about love. One begins to lose count of the moments they fall deeper in love. In the end, it’s all about the feeling of a heart filled with love. (Or it may be filled with chicken taco bowls.)

I love you so much that I have done something I have never done with anyone else. I have tried everything on your menu. Even the worrisome named “Mexican Mush.” And in all honesty, there was nothing to be worried about. You always take care of me. When I moved out of my parents’ house, where was the first meal I ate? Every time someone comes in from out of town, where is the first place I take them to eat?

I do not expect anything in return from you. You have given me all I have ever wanted. Now that I am coming to the end of my college career, it could also mean the end of my life in Rochester. What does that mean for us? There is going to be nothing like you anywhere else. I would ask you to follow me to wherever I go but that is unrealistic.

No matter where I go, no matter the other restaurants I achieve regular status, I will always love you, John’s Tex Mex.

Yours forever,


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