Fold or Flat? Local Pizzeria Expands to Pittsford Plaza

Pizza Stop resides in Pittsford Plaza, a recently opened restaurant that specializes in serving authentic New York style pizza either for eat in or take out. It is one of three locations in Rochester, a family business that has been expanding throughout the area. I had the chance to sit down with owner Greg Staffieri and learn a little bit more about what makes the pizza unique and why college students should make Pizza Stop their go-to place to grab a bite.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.04.18 PMOne thing that makes Pizza Stop unique is the dough. Made fresh daily, Staffieri says that it originally started as a bread recipe. Both of his grandparents are from Italy, and his parents both lived in Long Island before moving to Rochester in the late ’80s. Even before moving upstate, Staffieri’s family owned pizzerias in Queens and Long Island, making them experts at the craft of creating pies. Pizza Stop was started by Greg Staffieri’s father, who opened the first location at 143 State St. This is where the graffiti theme was created, as Staffieri’s father had an empty wall that he wanted to put the Long Island-inspired street art on. “It’s consistency,” Staffieri explains. “We age our dough 1-2 days. A lot of places don’t use fresh dough, which means the flavor isn’t as good as it could be.” A slice from Pizza Stop encompasses everything one would look for to be satisfied – sizeable, enough crisp in the crust but not crunchy, and the perfect thickness to eat the slice folded, like a true New Yorker. Each day, in addition to having typical cheese and pepperoni, also offered are an assortment of specialty slices. Be sure to complete the meal with a garlic or cinnamon knot. Pizza Stop has also expanded its menu to include gluten-free options, and its cauliflower crust is advertised as “one of the best tasting you’ll find.”

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One of the best things about Pizza Stop is that it offers a 15 percent student discount with valid ID. Staffieri says that it will start up a delivery service soon, and being close to Nazareth is especially helpful because they are always open to gaining a student following. In addition, Pizza Stop will be testing out DoorDash in the near future. If they find success with that, they may also entertain services like Grubhub as well. In the meantime, be sure to stop by in person and order a slice.

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