How Famous is Famous Dave’s?

Feast For One

If you’re like me, you are not from Memphis, Kansas City, or Houston, but still love and crave the incredible taste of barbecue. Sadly, Rochester may not be known to have the best barbecue restaurants in the United States (Garbage Plates, anyone?), but it definitely has some pretty great gems.

Throughout this blog series, I will venture off our cozy campus and away from Chartwells in search of the most delicious and satisfying barbecue comfort food the (585) can offer.

This past Saturday, I started with Famous Dave’s, located on 200 Center Place Drive in Greece. This award-winning restaurant has three other locations in Cheektowaga, N.Y., Erie, P.A., and Mountainside, N.J. I went with a friend of mine and the moment we walked in we were greeted by a friendly host and immediately seated (no wait on a Saturday night).

Dave’s has a mixed oldies and modern atmosphere with a sizable bar, plenty of TVs broadcasting various sports, and booths around the perimeter. I didn’t eat a whole lot that day in preparation of a calorie-rich feast. To my pleasant surprise, the first item to catch my eye on the large, detailed menu was the “Feast for One,” which was Georgia chopped pork over toast, a ¼ barbecue chicken, three St. Louis-Style spareribs, sweet corn, Wilbur brisket beans, creamy coleslaw, Famous fries, and of course, a corn bread muffin. Priced at $18.99, this barbecue galore is a hungry person’s dream.

Upon reading the description, I quickly realized how hungry I was and confidently ordered a Feast for One with a water (I figured I’d be healthy with the beverage). I kept track of the preparation time and it did not disappoint, only 22 minutes went by before I had 2,400 calories sitting right in front of me. I then regrettably thought my eyes might have been bigger than my stomach. However, another 20 minutes later I somehow managed to finish every last bite; impressing my friend, our waitress, and myself.

I recommend Famous Dave’s to anyone looking for a tasty comfort meal without virtually any wait. Although they’re known for their barbecue, they offer other classic American dishes sure to satisfy all hunger. With over 700 awards, a knowledgeable and barbecue passionate staff, and the food to back it up, Famous Dave’s will be one tough restaurant to beat in this series.

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