Music, Coffee, and Great Food? FairPour Cafe Will Not Let You Down

As the semester wears down and finals draw near, many of us find ourselves making the same trip to the same study spot on campus almost daily. At this same point in time last semester, I had nearly given into the monotony, too mentally tired to make a change. Fortunately, a few weeks before finals, I stumbled upon a chic little one-off coffee shop called “FairPour” sitting on the canal in Fairport (if you hadn’t guessed that already by the name). 

FairPour InsideUpon entering, my mood changes instantly to fit with the relaxing atmosphere. The large windows at the back of the cafe provide ample natural lighting and a view of the canal. As I continue to look around, I notice games and newspapers spread among the tables as a source of entertainment while waiting for my order (which I made use of as I waited patiently for my Honey Vanilla Latte and Paris Panini).

On my way out, I notice an advertisement for “Open Mic Night” which is to be held the following Wednesday. I soon learn that this is a weekly occasion and quickly become a regular customer. Over the next few weeks, I learn a little more about the cafe as I get to know the friendly manager who also works for Boxcar, a unique restaurant that is known for its donuts and fried chicken. As a result, many ideas for FairPour stem from Boxcar, and if you like one, you’re almost sure to like the other.  

Although I mostly use it as my main destination, FairPour is also a perfect rest-stop during a walk along the canal. Their various flavored lattes, including Honey Vanilla and Maple Cinnamon, as well as teas and cold-pressed juices which can be ordered and ready to go within less than ten minutes. In case you’re looking for a bite to eat, they also have paninis, crepes, egg sandwiches, and pastries.

If all these great options still haven’t enticed you, the previously mentioned open mic night on Wednesdays is from 8 P.M. to 10 P.M. It is usually hosted by Douglas Zogby, a talented musician who often uses a loop pedal during performances. If no one else takes the mic, he will make sure to keep everyone entertained. It’s a great place to study when you want to break the streak of tedious trips to the library. 

Well, if you’ve read this far you must be interested! Head on down to 6 North Main Street in Fairport and you will find this cute escape inside the Box Factory. I guarantee the experience will be much more worthy of your time than a trip to a chain coffee shop in a gas station down the road.

In case you’re looking for recommendations, here are my top 5 favorites:FairPour Coffee

  • Maple Cinnamon Latte (for those with a sweet tooth)
  • Salted Caramel Latte
  • Chai Latte  (which is somehow so much richer than all the other ones I’ve had)
  • Paris Panini (melted brie, apples, and spinach with a light spread of mustard)
  • Augustus Crepe


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