The Frog Pond: Brunch Edition

IMG_1093_optThe Frog Pond is one of my favorite places on Park Avenue.

A quick Google search describes it as a “funky bistro,” and I would characterize it somewhere between an upscale diner and a hipster-esque restaurant. With interesting décor, frog-skin wallpaper, local art, and many mirrors, it instantly caught my eye. It is also a place with a lot of history: it has been a Rochester landmark since 1975, was originally a barbershop, and was called Charlie’s Frog Pond until 2010. (For more information, read the first page of the menu while visiting because the entire history is included!)

The Frog Pond is great for any meal of the day, but I usually frequent it during late mornings for brunch. I prefer brunch to breakfast because menus are usually a little bit more fun and creative, and this is certainly true for The Frog Pond. While the bistro combines its breakfast and brunch menu, there is certainly a lot of variety and some interesting twists to classics. I have listed some of my favorite brunch menu items below:

Things you must try:

  • Eggs Benedict, AKA “Ba, Ba Benny & The Benedicts” (there are seven variations and they’re awesome)
  • Home fries (I promise they’re some of the best I’ve ever had)
  • French toast (Try it with strawberries on the side)
  • Fresh fruit (The fruit mixture in the summer is always fantastic)

If you’re feeling adventurous:

  • Veggie scramble (Tofu included)
  • Southwest burrito (if you want something on the spicy side for breakfast)
  • Famous FP sautéed banana pancakes w/ housemade caramel sauce (breakfast or dessert?)
  • Cream cheese stuffed cinnamon swirl French toast (My mom used to make it this way and this is one of the few restaurants I can find that serves it!)

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