Learning to (APP)reciate Technology


As we continue farther into the semester, things tend to get busier and time management becomes a necessity. However, we can use technology to improve stressful school situations. Many free apps are available for our smartphones and tablets that can help improve our educational experience. Who wouldn’t want assignments completed well, on time, and with less stress?

  • Ellucian GO – This app is extremely helpful for all Nazareth students. Once signed in through your Nazareth account, you can access your course schedule, grades, student account, and even register for classes. Additionally, you can access your Moodle account, the academic calendar, the college directory, and other resources found on the college’s website.
  • The HW App – Need a better way to keep track of assignments? This is the app you need. You can input what homework you have to complete, assign priorities, and receive reminders of what is overdue, due today, and upcoming. It also offers a timeline of due dates to better visualize your workload.
  • GroupMe – If you’ve ever had to do a group project, you know that communication is essential, but difficult. GroupMe allows you to have all of your group messages in one place, and you can add anyone using either their phone number or email address. Not only can you chat through the app, but you can also access your chats on your computer via the GroupMe website. Another great feature of this app is that you can mute and leave chats at anytime.
  • Pocket – This app offers a great way to store articles, videos, and other content in one place that typically gets lost when texting or emailing yourself links. It also has an offline feature that allows you to view the saved material when Internet is not available. Pocket is a great resource to compile content for projects, papers, and presentations, too. You will not forget material again as long as you save it in your Pocket.
  • iScanner – If you have ever needed to scan a document and have had difficulty doing so, iScanner is the app for you. It allows you to scan documents using the camera on your device. It usually recognizes the edges of your document or photo, but allows you to adjust them as needed to ensure you do not have any of the background in the image. The document can be saved as a PDF or JPEG file, then emailed, printed, or uploaded to a cloud service. The documents can also be saved to the app itself and managed in folders.
  • Poll Everywhere – Receiving instant responses using Poll Everywhere can help support your arguments. With this technology, you can ask your audience questions and receive responses via the app, web browser, text, or Twitter. This is a great way to integrate technology into presentations and projects while keeping the audience engaged.

Each of these apps may help enrich your schoolwork and free up some of your valuable time — so it may just be worth it to give them a try this semester.

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