Out & About: The Daily Refresher

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With midterm week moving at a glacial pace and spring recess fast approaching a few weeks ago, I found myself desperately in need of a break from my studies. I texted my best friend to vent, only to find out she was in the same boat as me. What better way to fight the winter blues than with some comfort food and cocktails?

We decided to head downtown to one of our favorite cocktail bars, The Daily Refresher, located at 293 Alexander St. Opened in November 2012, The Daily Refresher has a vintage-chic feel to it, modeled after the prohibition era. With more than 200 kinds of whiskeys and spirits, The Daily Refresher is easily one of Rochester’s most dedicated cocktail destinations.

Photo by Alexis Anczok

Their food menu is small, but they cater to the late night crowd and cover the essentials: pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and fries. Their drink menu features an impressive collection of handcrafted cocktails, including one of my personal favorites–the Sugar Plum Fuzz. The bartenders here are always enthusiastic to help find a drink you will really love, which makes this place even more inviting.

When you first walk in there is an aroma of a wood-burning fire. It is dimly lit with candles, enhancing its old-time feel. As you walk around the corner on the main level there is a small bar completely stocked with an array of spirits. Its low ceilings and lighting gives it a much more intimate feel. The second bar, which is located upstairs, is much larger and more inviting space for a bigger group of people. (I recommend coming here on a less busy night so you can really appreciate its character.)

Whether you are sneaking out on a Wednesday night to take a break from your homework, or out on a Saturday night with friends, the Daily Refresher always brings in a crowd. So next time you Golden Flyers are headed downtown to Vinyl, stop into The Daily Refresher first (located next door) and enjoy a professionally made cocktail in this unique setting.

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