The Naz Secret Menu

Naz’s Secret Menu

Contrary to the name, The Starbucks Secret Menu is known to avid coffee drinkers as the go to place for a fun, specialty drink. The menu itself is all online and completely fan made, and we here at The Golden Gazette found that many of the drinks can be made right here at Naz! If you consider yourself a Frequent Flyer at Millie’s or just want to try something new, the menu below is just for you. Also, just like Starbucks, if you have an idea you would like to submit, let us know; we’ll be keeping up with the secret menu and posting new items regularly, so stay tuned. Try them all and tell us what you think!

P.S.: Be sure to tell your barista exactly what you want, although you know what a Cake Batter Frappuccino consists of, they may not. Just tell them what to start with and go from there!


Cake Batter Frappuccino

Start with: Vanilla Bean Frap.

Add: Hazelnut Syrup


Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato

Start with: Caramel Macchiato

Add: Pumpkin Syrup INSTEAD of Vanilla Syrup

Top with whipped cream and pumpkin spice


Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Start With: Hot Chocolate

Add: Pumpkin Spice Sauce


Neapolitan Frappuccino

Start with: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Add: Mocha Syrup, a shot of vanilla syrup (One pump small, One and a half medium, two for a large)


Tea Latte

Start with: Tazo tea, preferably Earl Grey or Lotus Blossom

Add: Steamed milk and honey

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