The Time for Change Has Come: Fighting the Food at Naz

The topic of food at Nazareth is not an easy one to discuss.

It is, well, mediocre at best. Sure we have options, like the dining hall, Sorelle’s, the Cab and Millie’s but there really isn’t any variety. Chartwell’s needs to step up their game. We are college kids, our lives are monotonous. Day in and day out, we go to classes, lectures, labs, club meetings, sports practice, band practice, or all of the above. With a very constant and draining schedule, we do not want the SAME meals and specials every week. Where is the fun in that?

I’ve heard so many complaints about the food being bland, not cooked well enough, with old ingredients that have been sitting out for hours. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before and the quality just isn’t there. Some of the people that cook our food clearly do not take pride in their work and dish out a subpar product. We pay a lot of money to go to school here, we should be fed well.

This doesn’t go to say that I haven’t had a good meal here, because I have. Being raised by a personal chef, however, I acquired a taste for outstanding entrees that were unbelievably delicious. I never really ate hot dogs and hamburgers and I certainly didn’t expect that in college I would be forced to eat as many french fries as I do now. There are other options, but seriously, fruit salad (that remains the same every week), chips, macaroni salad and potato salad get old very quickly. The fruit isn’t always fresh, the chips have no real flavor and the potato and macaroni salads are just simply unappetizing.

Something needs to change. The Food Council seems to have the right idea of creating a voice for the student’s but think about it, if there wasn’t a problem, the council would not have been established in the first place. Immediate action needs to be taken. Sitting around and arguing about what we want does not make for happy bellies if no real progress is being made.

It’s time to change the fact that our bodies need an adjustment period to get accustomed to the food at Naz after being gone for three weeks over Christmas break. No more stomach aches, or feeling sick because your stir fry was slathered with butter-oil that contains more calories than dessert. If we want change, we have to speak up and tell those that matter and can fix the problem.

What do you say, Golden Flyers? Ready to consider getting some outside vendors to offer some additional healthy and tasty options?

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