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This is not a ‘Cards Against Humanity’ card. Get your head out of the gutter!

No, I hate to disappoint you but this is actually a very PG post about fooood! I just caught your attention again, didn’t I? No need to respond, I can just feel the head nods.

Your grandmother canned with it, your mother has frequently used it for flowers or candles. You decided to use it as a pencil holder and if you went to Pinterest Night, perhaps you even custom decorated it.

It is….(cue the dramatic music, yes it’s corny but I couldn’t help myself) the Mason Jar!

No, I am not suggesting you whip out a dozen mason jars and start canning in the dorm floor kitchen (For those of you who have no clue what canning is…just google it with the recipe you will be googling at the end of this.), not only do I think boiling enough hot water for that would be insane but the potential for the infamous college brain to do something….

Well, let’s just say it would not be good.

On to the main topic! You can actually use the mason jar for many things other than the traditional uses. Entire meals for example, there are salad mason jars, sushi mason jars, breakfast mason jars…just google away, google mason jar foods. On this special special occasion of it being the average weekday I will just give you a recipe, more like a run down, for an easy breakfast mason jar. This is, after all, the most skipped meal of the day, even with all the parental reminders.

(Microwaveable too!)



The Omelet in a Jar.

  • Step the First.

So basically, go buy some eggs. If you want bacon buy bacon, or not. there are those who prefer the meatless diet. Buy, borrow, or even beg for whatever you want in an omelet. If that means egg and nothing else, go for it. Maybe it equates to cheese, spinach ham, go get it. If you can’t afford anything and you have no friends to beg from…maybe your parents will pitch in. If not, jobs are nice…

  • Step the Second.

Pour, scoop, slide whatever it is into the jar. (no, mind out of the gutter, we are talking about just food after all). The only thing I would maybe want to wait to add is the ketchup. Just think about it. Do you want ketchup and eggs or ketchup eggs?

Microwave for a minute or two. Until the egg looks solid like, well like an omelet. For ketchup and eggs, now is the time to add that ketchup.

  • Step the Third

Now eat that lovely breakfast as you walk to your ever so fun 8am.

  • Step the Fourth

Do clean up.


While you may have heard of these useful little jar recipes before, it’s possible you haven’t. Either way you may be thinking, why can’t I just go to the dining hall for this?

How long do you think it takes to make a mason jar breakfast? (read in your head like a semi shout, even this part, for comedic effect)

5 minutes, tops (unless you like to get super fancy). Adding egg, cheese, bacon (or not). Two minutes for the microwave. Minute cleanup.

How long does it take for you to get breakfast at the dining hall? Plus, for those of us who do not have a unlimited dining hall meal plan, this is a quick way to get in three meals a day. Especially since it can be used for anything, not just breakfast.


IN ADDITION, this not only a recipe for the mason jar. Anything shaped like a cup works. (I’m not telling you again, wow I didn’t even think there were that many gutters around campus!)

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