Trick… or Treat?

Photo credit: jeff_golden


Halloween is upon us, and even though I don’t eat nearly as much candy as I did when I was younger, snacking on candy while watching a Halloween-themed movie—Hocus Pocus is my favorite!–is something I still enjoy.

To compliment the October candy craze, here are ten fun facts to sweeten your day.

Did you know?

  1. The Tootsie Roll was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped.
  2. Three Musketeers originally had three pieces in each pack: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
  3. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist who originally called it Fairy Floss.
  4. Bubble gum is pink because when it was created, pink was the only color food dye in existence.
  5. Snickers bars are named after creator Frank Mar’s favorite family horse.
  6. The top selling candy in the United States, candy corn, was originally called chicken feed.
  7. The Dum Dum’s mystery flavor is actually a mix of two flavors created when the same equipment is used to produce two different flavors without being cleaned.
  8. Heath bars were included in soldier’s rations during WWII because of their long shelf life.
  9. M&M’s originally came in five different colors: red, yellow, brown, green and violet.
  10. Baby Ruth’s are named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter Ruth, the first child born in the white house.

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