Around the World in Two Hours

As the semester comes to a close, what better way to celebrate the end of another semester than “Holiday Dinner: Around the World?” If you’re not a part of the Foreign Language department, you might not have heard about this (or you quickly scanned the email subject line and threw it in your trash…), so let me bring you up to speed. This was a three-part dinner hosted by the Foreign Language departments (Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and French) on Wednesday, with each course served at one of the language houses—appetizers at the Casa Italiana, dinner at the Spanish House, and dessert at the French House.

Of course, this wasn’t your typical free food event that you find at Nazareth, with pizza or Moe’s. No, this was a full meal with authentic cuisine from each culture. The traditional French “bouche de Noël,” or the Christmas Yule Log cake, was particularly touching for me, as it brought back memories of my Christmas in Paris, but all of the dishes were excellent. Every house had a good selection for vegetarians, too, which sometimes isn’t the case with events like these. All in all, the food portion of the event was a huge success, and I don’t think anyone could say they left hungry.

You can’t have dinner without a show, and this event did not disappoint. During the entrée portion of the evening at the Spanish House, we were treated to dancing by volunteers dressed in beautiful traditional clothing. During the whole event, the Franco-American Chorale serenaded us with carols and holiday songs in all different languages, from English to Arabic to Italian and more.

All of the houses were absolutely packed with people—especially the Spanish House, which was standing room only. If you somehow weren’t a part of the crowd this year, make sure to mark it in your calendars for next year. You won’t want to miss such a party, and after all, who can say no to free French pastries?

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