Best Off-Campus Homework Spots: Joe Bean Coffee Roasters


Studying for finals? Need to get off-campus?

Here is a quick little reminder of the criteria for judgement of best spots to study:

  1. Outlets
  2. Wifi
  3. Seating
  4. Food and coffee
  5. Atmosphere

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

1344 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

Situated near the East Avenue Wegmans, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters (affectionately shortened to Joe Bean) features an atmosphere that welcomes all types of people. Many feel like some of the downtown coffee shops are a bit too high-brow, but Joe Bean supports an atmosphere that the ‘average joe’ can walk into and not feel overwhelmed or out of place. The baristas are very welcoming and very well-trained. They offer the basics, coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. I love it because I think it allows them time to really focus on perfecting their drinks and really getting to know their product.

There are only a few tables, most of the seating is at bars that lines the walls. They offer a variety of pastries, all made by local shops like The Red Fern and Flour City Bread Co. Outlets seem to be scattered around the walls, none are terribly difficult to access which is a big plus. They wifi is quite speedy and easy to access. There are no password needed to get into it. Joe Bean is definitely one of Rochester’s favorite coffee spots, and they continue to grow and learn and perfect their craft.

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