Women working in media-related positions have their personal stories to share about issues in the workplace. On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 5:30 pm, Nazareth College is hosting a panel surrounding the discussion of obstacles women face in work environments. The event will be taking place in the Medaille Lounge and is free and open to the general public. There will be a panel of women who currently work in media-related jobs speaking about their experiences with gender-related issues and answering potential questions from audience members.

Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, and sexism in the workplace are examples of the topics which will be covered during the event. Circumstances such as these are not uncommon encounters and are too frequently ignored. Sarah Taddeo, work-life reporter at the Democrat and Chroniclementions that it is better to be prepared for these instances than to be left vulnerable. “I believe I’m in a field where there may be a heightened opportunity for something like this to happen,” says Taddeo.

The panel will include four women in occupations ranging from radio, journalism, public relations, and more. Because these women come from varying backgrounds, there are individual stories to be heard. The confirmed women who will be speaking at the panel are Virginia Butler, digital studio director at the Democrat and Chronicle; Veronica Volk, Great Lakes reporter/producer at WXXI News; and Taddeo will be moderating the event.

Hearing descriptions of first-hand confrontations from women who have withstood these issues can be used as learning experiences for men and women entering the workforce. The event will help individuals understand how to stand up for themselves in these settings as well as those which do not acknowledge sexual harassment as a recurring problem.

Young women entering the field of media as a career are encouraged to attend the event in order to uncover ways to approach these issues within a professional environment. As sexual harassment grows into a considerable topic being covered in the news, it requires discussion for individuals wondering how to handle various accounts of harassment in the workplace. “It’s important to get this out there into the public discourse and talk about strategies used to combat it, to be ready for it, be on your guard for it, and know what to do when it does happen,” says Taddeo. “Because in this field I think it will happen to all of us in different ways.”

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