How Good is Good Smoke BBQ?

Good Smoke Barbecue

After surviving the Rochester-Snowmageddon and the first snow day at Nazareth College in quite some time, I decided a few weeks ago to warm up and indulge once again in the comforting and rewarding taste of barbecue.

As the visions of Famous Dave’s Feast for One faded, I knew it was time to fuel up in preparation of the second half of the spring semester. This time around, I wanted to try a smaller and less known location than my previous food adventure – and to my pleasant surprise, I found the perfect place.

I looked for barbecue restaurants closer to our campus and decided to try Good Smoke BBQ, located at 326 West Commercial Street in East Rochester. I was excited to try barbecue here because it is just the one small location unique to Rochester. Since it was a Saturday night, I decided to call ahead in case they were busy. The polite employee said the restaurant does not hold reservations, but assured me tables generally open. After a short  five minute drive, I arrived at Good Smoke BBQ and was rather surprised.

Good Smoke BBQ is small, holding maybe 10 tables. It is not your typical sit-down restaurant, either. Customers order and pay at a counter, find a table, and then their food is brought out to them. This reminded me of Panera, except the staff eventually brings out the food. Once again I fell victim to my ambitious eyes and appetite and ordered the three-meat platter. This beautiful plate of food had it all: barbecued ribs, pulled pork, beef shoulder, mac-n-cheese, cheesy Cajun taters (the greatest invention!), and cornbread. Interestingly enough, this plate was priced the same as my meal at Famous Dave’s, $18.99. I quickly began summoning the power to ingest this whole plate of glory (only wimps take leftovers home).

The preparation did not take much time at all and I quickly had this wondrous meal in front of me. The ribs and pulled pork were fantastic, cooked to absolute perfection, and offered a smoked spicy taste. I sadly was not the biggest fan of the beef shoulder. The meat itself was a bit too greasy for me, but it still had the same sauce as the other two. The sides were outrageously good to say the least. The mac-n-cheese and cheesy Cajun taters that I ordered were fresh and incredibly delicious. Finally, the cornbread was freshly made and paired perfectly with the remaining juices on my plate.

Although I did not love the beef shoulder, I would rank Good Smoke BBQ over Famous Dave’s. The sides and other two meats were definitely superior in taste than my first blog. Additionally, I was very excited to eat at a restaurant that is unique only to the Rochester area. The homemade food, along with a sense of exclusiveness, made my overall experience quite enjoyable. I plan to attend Good Smoke BBQ again soon, but for now I will rest my stomach and prepare for my final Rochester barbecue adventure.

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