Naz, Meet Your DJs!
By Christine G. Adamo

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
It says nothing to me about my life

Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

Select lyrics from “Panic” by Morrissey and Johnny Marr (The Smiths)

Wait, don’t hang the DJs! It’s time to meet the DJs of WNAZ The Beat.

What’s that? You’ve never listened? Well, you’re in for a treat. This week, you’ll get a rare peek at a handful of Nazareth College DJs. These are the people who take time out of their already busy school schedules to curate weekly sets, introduce you to new or unfamiliar music and send shout outs to anyone brave enough to submit requests.

You can stream their shows online at You can listen via Naz TV (access is included in your Residence Hall cable package). Or you can cue ’em up on your smartphone. (Check out the weekly set list below.) You can tweet ’em @WNAZTheBeat, suggest songs on Facebook or check out their in-studio selfies on Instagram.

Whatever you do, tune in. I promise you’ll like what you hear.

Rock on, DJs … Naz is listening!

MONDAYS, 10-11pm

DJ Will.Im.Not goes incognito!
DJ Will.Im.Not heads into the studio incognito!

DJ Handle: DJ Will.Im.Not
Twitter Handle: @KruegerWilliam
Show Name: “K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the ’70s”
Type of Music: Electronic and Synthpop
Street Name: (Can’t you guess by now?)
Artists & Bands Will.Im.Not Loves: Trevor Something, TISM (This Is Serious Mum), GLWZBLL, Perturbator

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? I DJ for WNAZ The Beat because I love to provide some form of entertainment to people in my free time. It’s only for an hour, but I try to keep things going with certain moods or aesthetics in mind. (I hope!)

THURSDAYS, 12:30-1:30pm

DJ Stylus rocks Thursdays' "Vinyl Lunchbox."
DJ Stylus rocks Thursdays’ “Vinyl Lunchbox.”

DJ Handle: DJ Stylus
Facebook Handle: DJ Stylus
Show Name: “The Vinyl Lunchbox”
Type of Music: An eclectic mix of tunes from, or inspired by, my LP collection
Street Name: Yours truly, Naz Girl About Town (major: Communication and Media)
Artists & Bands DJ Stylus Loves: Old? Blossom Dearie, Chet Baker, Billie Holiday. Retro? Bowie, 10cc, Communards. New? Beirut, Beach House, Martha Wainwright.

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? When I was a kid, we listened to LPs on a turntable in our kitchen. Our kitchen! Music’s been a big part of my life and my taste is ridiculously eclectic. I love turning people on to stuff they’ve never heard and giving little-known artists airtime—old stuff, new stuff, in-between stuff. Songs from 1900 forward. The more obscure the better! Punk. Funk. Folk. Indy. Synth Pop. Blues. Spoken Word. It’s also a great way to entertain friends from all over the world.

FRIDAYS, 8-9pm

DJ Sunday and DJ Wednesday do Broadway.
DJ Wednesday (l.) and DJ Sunday do Broadway.

DJ Handle: DJ Wednesday & DJ Sunday
Show Name: “Broad-waves With Wednesday & Sunday”
Type of Music: We play show tunes and love them to pieces
Street Names: Roomies Julia Marino and Kiersten Hecht
Broadway Shows This Duo Just Loves: Rent, Fun Home, Hamilton

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? We have this radio (program) because show tunes seem to be a very clique thing—usually only listened to by a select number of people. By combining modern and classic tunes, we hope to get people to maybe add a bit of musical theatre to their day.

FRIDAYS, 10-11pm

DJ Tori hosts "Unicorn Talks."
DJ Tori hosts “Unicorn Talks” Fridays on WNAZ.

DJ Handle: DJ Tori
Show Name: “Unicorn Talks”
Type of Music: Indy/Alternative Rock
Street Name: It’s a secret, but her major is English Education
Artists & Bands DJ Tori Loves: Panic! At the Disco, Halsey

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? I DJ because I really love music and I enjoy finding hidden music gems.

SATURDAYS, 10-11pm

DJ Kyero spins dance tracks on Saturday nights.
DJ Kyero spins dance tracks on Saturday nights.

DJ Handle: DJ Kyero
Facebook Handle: Kyero Music
Show Name: “The Beat” with DJ Kyero
Type of Music: Dance Music
Street Name: Kyle Bronson, freshman
Artists & Bands DJ Kyero Loves: Flume, Big Wild, Kygo, San Holo, ZHU

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? I DJ for WNAZ The Beat to spread my love for music and for having a good time.

SUNDAYS, 11am-12pm

"Coffee With Dad" airs Sundays from 11am-12pm.
“Coffee With Dad” airs Sundays 11am-12pm.

DJ Handle: DJ Dad
Show Name: “Coffee With Dad”
Type of Music: Folk, Soul, & Jazz
Street Name: Dave DiPrimo (major: Visual Communication Design)
Artists & Bands DJ Dad Loves: The Lumineers, Glen Hansard, Louis Armstrong, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding

Why DJ for WNAZ The Beat? To make Sunday mornings relaxing and peaceful—and fill the air with the sweet sounds of songs that so many love, as well as songs that people soon will. I’ll also occasionally play my own music that I’ve written. And (I’d) love to play the music of other Naz students on my show.

So, dear listener, how can you get involved? WNAZ The Beat is hosting an Open Mic Night this coming Thurs., Oct. 22, at Colie’s in George Residence Hall. The event kicks off at 6pm. Sing a song. Strum a guitar. Recite a poem. Or cheer your friends on, as they perform. There’ll be FREE pizza and a chance to win a $15 Record Archive gift certificate.

WNAZ The Beat also hosts meetings for anyone interested in getting some airtime. If you missed the first few? Don’t sweat it. You can still get involved and get your in-studio career off the ground. Contact Erin Griffin, club president, for more info. Again, there’s FREE food.

Bored with commercial-radio tunes? Tune in to WNAZ The Beat instead!


6pm—“Movie Muncher Monday” with The Movie Muncher
10pm—“K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the ’70s” with DJ Will.Im.Not


9am—“Rock Wars” with DJ Combat
10pm—“Ruby Tuesday” with DJ Courtney
11pm—“Treasure Chest” with Pete the Pirate


8pm—“Classic Mix” with DJ Max D
9pm—“The Beat” with DJ Jordan
10pm—“Tim Soul Surfer”
11pm—“The Beat” with DJ Aimee


12:30pm—“The Vinyl Lunchbox” with DJ Stylus
5pm—“Rock-chester” with DJ Synth
6pm—“The Beat” with DJ Alana
7pm—“New Noise” with DJ Effy
9pm—“The Beat” with Jeremy, Joe & Sean
10pm—“Jams With Jake”
11pm—“The Electric Factory” with Mosh Man


6pm—“The Beat” with DJ Alma
7pm—“Song Time” with Scooter & Mango
8pm—“The Beat” with DJ Sunday & DJ Wednesday
10pm—“Unicorn Tunes” with DJ Tori
11pm—“Melt” with DJ Kate


7pm—“Song Time” with Scooter & Mango
10pm—“The Beat” with DJ Kyero
11pm—“Exploration Night” with DJ Cailin


11am—“Coffee With Dad” with DJ Dad
12pm—“Tumblr Talk” with Sam
10pm—“The Labyrinth” with Izzy Hindle

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