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Clearly I’m No Psychic: L.I. Medium tix just $5? I paid $250!

By Christine G. Adamo

My birthday is this coming Saturday. It’s not a BIG one: 2-0 is looong gone. 3-0 went right along with it. The others? Well, I’m not ready to disclose that much info. And, while critical-thinking skills have always come easily to me, psychic abilities have not.

I bought myself (and my older sister, Fran) tickets to see Teresa Caputo, of TLC “Long Island Medium” fame (That hair! The nails! Those teary readings!), at Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena about a month ago. Yeah … when they first went on sale. I had to scour the internet for any that weren’t already snatched up by lousy scalpers. I wound up paying, oh, something to the tune of $250. But, hey, I’m worth it!

Then? This morning?

I get an email from the Naz Campus Activities Board – the same one you should have received – broadcasting student tickets with a FIVE dollar price tag attached. My heart sank. My pocketbook dropped right alongside it. As a thrifty girl about town, I can’t tell you how much that hurts. As a fellow Nazer, I’m sure you can relate. Ouch!

Clearly I’m no psychic.

But I’m smart enough to know that you deserve to save some of your own hard-earned cash – lots of it. The show is being held a few short weeks from now. According to the Naz CAB, “the first 38 students to pay for theirs and sign a waiver” will each receive a $5 ticket to the event. There’s even a wait list for those who don’t get to purchase their tickets in that first round of sales. Here are all of the dirty details:

  • WHO: Teresa Caputo, the Long Island medium
  • WHAT: $5 tix to this arena-style psychic reading
  • WHEN: Tues., April 21 (bus leaves Shults at 6:30pm)
  • WHERE: Blue Cross Arena (100 Exchange Blvd. | Rochester)
  • WHY: Uh, when there’s a world-famous psychic in town? Ya go!

The only catch? Ya gotta take the bus, but I can tell you from experience – versus any rare strain of ephemeral wisdom I may have ever gleaned, over the past few decades, while trying to make contact with the afterlife and failing miserably on my own – that saving more than $200 is totally worth it.

Skeptical? I know the feeling …

Take note: In 1996 (OK, I’m dating myself) I was dragged kicking and screaming to see the then little-known James Van Praagh give psychic readings in a dank hotel banquet room outside of L.A. This was before he had his own TV show, was hired to coach Jennifer Love Hewitt on CBS’s “Ghost Whisperer” set or wrote the first of his multiple bestsellers on connecting with the dearly departed.

In the second half of the presentation, my grandmother (rickety aluminum walker and all) and grandfather (cigar held in the nook of his chest) spoke to me through the self-proclaimed clairsentient. How do I know Van Praagh was for real? He mentioned a banana split I’d recently ordered, reiterating to the waitress: “That’s all chocolate ice cream with extra whipped cream.” (She seemed daft.) Oh, and yellow sheets I’d just bought for a Murphy bed I was sleeping on. I mean, who makes that stuff up???

Still skeptical? For a measly $5, find out for yourself – and may the force be with you!


Teresa Caputo on TLC

Naz Campus Activities Board

James Van Praagh

Ghost Whisperer (w/Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial

Clairsentience (as defined by Psychic Library)

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