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Dig this? Then it’s time to try that!

Maybe Greek philosophers cum mathematicians – like trusty ol’ Pythagoras (b. 570 BCE, d. 500-490 BCE) – were on to something.

It stands to reason that: If you dig a certain form of entertainment, then you’re likely to enjoy a crash course in related venues unbeknownst to you. The one obvious exclusion may be coffee. If you’re a Starbucks addict, you’ll probably turn up your nose at Tim Horton’s or Dunkin’ Donuts.

Wait – maybe that theory only applies to me? If you’re a barista who’s steeped in the world of cafe artistry? Well, then! A mere whiff of those three may make you physically ill. Generic coffee talk aside, there’s a great big world out there beyond the confines of the Naz campus.

And, gosh darn it, this girl about town wants you to know that they exist! Read on to learn more about the hidden gems, hallowed halls and rockin’ haunts that await you in the ROC. (Oh, that? That’s insider speak for “Rochester.”) I mean, it’s Spring. So, spring on out there and explore life off campus!

15 Things Worth Driving Off Campus for:

If you like _____, then try …

  • Beer – The Old Toad
  • Tacos – John’s Tex Mex
  • Soccer – Rochester Rhinos
  • Dive bars – Monty’s Krown
  • Cheap dates – Cinema Theater
  • Hangover food – dogTown Hots
  • New Wave music – Club Vertex ’80s Night
  • Food Truck Rodeos – Public Market (Wed.)
  • High end surf & turf – black & blue Pittsford
  • Greasy spoon diners – James Brown’s Place
  • Minor League Baseball – Rochester Red Wings
  • Live music in the Cabaret – Live music at Starry Nites
  • Cheap happy hour food specials – The Cheesecake Factory
  • Inclusive LBGT locales w/drag night – 104 Alex Bar & Grill
  • Films a la Casa Hispana/Italia/Maison Francaise – The Dryden

But, wait! Don’t hold out on us …

Do you know of a few cool places I failed to mention here? Defy me. Call me a big fat fraud, if you must. Then? Post a reply to this Golden Gazette post for the benefit of everyone else on campus.

Naz Girl About Town is a recurring feature designed to get you out of your dorm room and into the real world. We value your suggestions, feedback and contributions. Within reason. Now, ROC on!


Pythagorus at Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Old Toad

John’s Tex Mex

Rochester Rhinos

Monty’s Krown

Cinema Theatre

dogTown Hots

Club Vertex

Rochester Public Market Special Events

black & blue steak & crab

James Brown’s Place

The Original Steve’s Diner

Rochester Red Wings

Starry Nites Cafe

The Cheesecake Factory

104 Alex Bar & Grill

Dryden Theatre

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