Nazareth Celebrates Lent

This past week merits a time of great religious expression across the Christian world, same with here at Nazareth. Lent is celebrated during the 6 weeks before Easter Sunday, starting with Ash Wednesday. This Ash Wednesday here at the college was especially remarkable with the visitation of Friar Timothy Radcliffe. Donned in a sporty white robe that’s sure to be seen soon in JC Penny’s newest fashion catalogues. A prominent writer and preacher from Oxford, England. Newly elected Pope Francis (now an internet sensation for being the coolest pope ever, google him) hand-picked Radcliffe as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. He’s gone on to do remarkable things in his extensive career, visiting ever continent on the planet. He has written many books on peoples’ skepticism of the Christian religion, the topic of his lecture upon visiting Nazareth College. Many who attended the event said he was a calm and mindful speaker, with progressive yet grounded views on Catholicism. He inspired many and gave them a new outlook on the topic of religion. Not bad for an old guy.

Photo Credit: Nazareth College

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