Naz in Berlin: The Basics


The Nazareth-in-Berlin Residential Program is a unique study abroad opportunity in Berlin, Germany. It is a semester-long trip in the fall where students take classes at Studienforum Berlin as well as take part in an internship that is suited to your program and interests.

During the semester, students live with host families. The benefit of this is experiencing German culture through the people themselves. While the host families give all the freedom you need, you are still included in family activities and meals.

What makes this particular program unique is that you don’t need to have any history with the German language or culture to go. While in school, students will take a German conversational course at whatever level they need. A new speaker will take a lower-level class, while a student with more experience will take a higher level course. No matter what level of German you are at, Studienforum Berlin accommodates that to increase your language skills.

Sophomore Elaina Hedberg recently returned from the program. She is studying both international business and German. For four weeks, she interned through Artefakt Kulturkonzepte, a public relations firm that deals with the press for various cultural events around Berlin. There, she translated various press articles and other papers. She says this program helped realize what cultural business does and how it functions in a real life setting. While in Berlin, she also able to expand her German language skills as well as take a language proficiency test. Not only does she have experience working in foreign language company, but she is also able to study full-time at a German university now.

Most students understand the significance of participating in internships throughout their college life. But what makes doing an internship in another country any better? It will easily make your resume stand out, showing that you have done something unusual and valuable. Employers will be far more impressed that you dived into a new experience and learned a thing or two.

Learn a language, make new friends, experience a different culture – it’s all part of the Nazareth-in-Berlin Program. For more information about this program, click here.

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