Coming Out Day at Nazareth College

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Thanks to Lambda, Nazareth College celebrated Coming Out Day last Wednesday in quite a colorful way. The student-led club ordered 612 cupcakes which was arranged to form the new pride flag.

Photo 1This was just one of the events that Lambda has hosted that not only executed its mission to educate, support, and celebrate the existence of queer and gender-expansive students; it was also very successful. Michael Casale, the group’s Outreach Coordinator explained, “This LGBTQ+ holiday is significant for both the broader population and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. This day is primarily dedicated to representation, which is especially important for closeted, questioning, and struggling LGBTQ+ community members to see. For those that are out and comfortable sharing their identities, it shows the world that we exist and will continue to live our lives as our authentic selves.”

(Left to right) Dr. Kramer, Samantha Vega, and Dr. Wolf in front of the new pride flag which includes black and brown alongside the traditional rainbow. (Photo credits: Grace Caternolo Personal Relations officer)

Lambda, a club with 30 active members, also recently took a trip to the Image Out Film Festival and organized a station on-campus for students to color pride flags and write down identities on sticky note “leaves” which were added to a “tree” of identities. Students could also express themselves in another powerful way by volunteering to have pictures with their pride flags posted in Shults along with their coming out stories and identity or identities. The President of Lambda, Anna Goings, shared that she enjoys doing this “because it gives students an opportunity to learn about others’ coming out stories in a stress free way.” She continued, “Participating in this is also very liberating because it is a way in which I can come out very publicly to the school.”

As far as upcoming events, fifteen members of this club will take a trip to Bloomsberg, PA next month for a conference on LGBTQ+ education and advocacy. The photo below shows the group of students that went last year and were dedicated enough to come back to Naz and share their experiences and knowledge. This year’s group plans to do the very same thing.

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Madeline, Lambda’s Vice President stated, “I wish that people knew that not being knowledgeable about something within the LGBTQ+ community is not inherently bad. If you do not know something, you do not have to be afraid to ask. For example, if someone asks you to use pronouns you are unfamiliar with or you do not feel like you understand the importance of pronouns, most people you know on a more personal level would prefer you ask and if you don’t, then look it up online. The internet can be a beautiful resource for self-education.”

Any student that would like to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community from the club is encourage to stop by the Clocktower classroom where this accepting and affirming group meets every Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.

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