Leadership Program at Naz


Are you looking for a way to become more involved on campus, develop your personal skills and take advantage of campus resources that will help you professionally?  Naz has just unveiled it’s new leadership program, and it offers a variety of ways to become a successful Golden Flyer, both on campus and after graduation.  I asked Carey Backman, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, what makes the program a great option for Nazareth students.

HE: Where did the idea for the Leadership Program come from?

CB: The Leadership Program is an initiative that stems from the College’s 20/20 strategic plan under the student growth and development section.  It’s a way for students to prepare themselves for the world.

HE: How did you start putting it together?

CB: Putting together the program started with doing research, pulling together an advisory committee made up of faculty, staff, grad students, undergraduate students, and alumni to provide direction, and creating a timeline for its development.  We started by looking at best practices and outlining the structure for the program, then added content, and linked content to existing leadership opportunities on campus.  After that, it was logistical work and scheduling.  Now, our focus is on creating promotional materials and getting the word out about the program.

HE: Why should students participate in the program?

CB: The Leadership Program is not only a way for students to enhance their leadership skills but also an opportunity for students to explore leadership and their approach in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Through this skill development and exploration, students become better candidates for both grad schools and employment.  Plus, leadership is just an interesting topic to learn about.

HE: What skills will the Leadership Program help students develop, besides leadership?

CB: You can find the skills and competencies listed on the website – some include personal empowerment, engagement and commitment to community and diversity.  More transferable skills include public speaking, communication, active listening and strategic planning.

HE: What kinds of workshops and events do you have planned for the future?

CB: Future workshops and events include a Career Connections Breakfast, a Sophomore Year Leadership Retreat, and the development of a mentor program that helps students navigate the program and more fully understand and engage with leadership.

With all of the exciting opportunities the Leadership Program provides, students at Naz truly have a lot of great options when it comes to their professional and personal development.  The program even offers certificates for each level, by the end you could be an “Established Leader,” with a capstone project and co-curricular portfolio.  Hopefully the Leadership Program will be a great success, helping all Golden Flyers to achieve their best.

For more information, check out the Leadership Program page on the Naz website.

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