Major Changes to Naz Study Abroad

Nazareth College’s Foreign Languages and Literatures Department is terminating its decade’s long relationship with the Hispania Language Institute in Valencia, Spain. However, Nazareth students will still have the opportunity to study in Valencia. Dr. Esperanza Roncero, chairwoman of the Foreign Language and Literatures Department, and program director for Spanish has launched a new partnership with the Catholic University of Valencia, which students can start attending as soon as next year. Dr. Pablo Vidal, of the Catholic University of Valencia recently visited the Casa Hispana and stated his belief attending his institution is advantageous for Nazareth students because of the university’s wide variety of majors. Therefore, student from different majors will be able to study Spanish, while taking coursework related to their field, which is impossible to do at Hispania. While the program may be advantageous in some respects, the changes are not welcome by all. Several current students who have studied at Hispania have expressed satisfaction with their education there, and do not see the need to change. Others have expressed regret with the decision, due to the long standing relationship Nazareth College has had with Hispania. There has also been concern over sending students to a Catholic university when Nazareth is a secular institution. Despite the controversy, partnering with the Catholic University of Valencia offers the chance for new opportunities in Spain.

This change is one of several Dr. Roncero has made in regards to study abroad. Students now have the opportunity to gain a window into Latin-America. Roncero has created a study abroad program in Peru offered this summer, courses will be offered in Chile next year for Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. Furthermore, for the first time ever, Nazareth students will be allowed to transfer in credits from the University of Puerto Rico effective immediately, giving Nazareth students a variety of options for study abroad, and new perspectives of the world not seen before at this college.

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