Rethink Mental Health

Have you struggled with depression? Has anxiety been a crippling force in your life? Do you feel pressure from society to keep quiet about your struggles? Mental illness is a topic in our society that is many times considered to be surrounded in stigma. Join us on April 13th in the Otto Shults Center for our event where we will #rethinkmentalhealth. This event is aimed at deconstructing the stigma around mental illness and creating an environment where students feel safe to talk about their struggles.


IMG_3286Rethink Mental Health is a campaign that started as a school
project for a communications class. Several
students have worked together to organize this function over the course of a few weeks. After collecting data from students on campus, it became apparent that many students on campus struggle with mental illness. Our hope is that this event will serve as another step towards normalizing mental health.


The event will be constructed of multiple booths that students can interact with. The variation of booths will be aimed at providing students with multiple resources to help them cope with their anxiety or depression. One booth will consist of professional counselors that will be available in a casual setting to answer any questions and provide methods of coping. Another booth will feature a life-sized instagram frame that students can take photos in and share their stories of anxiety or depression. There will be props! Also, from 1-2pm students can come interact with a fuzzy, fluffy and loving therapy dog!



We wouldn’t want you to show up without being fed! Swing by and grab some free donuts and cookies. Or if you’d rather eat something healthy, grab a granola bar and banana. Take advantage of our Anxie“tea” booth and make some tea to help relieve your stress. If you’re feeling that the upcoming end of the semester has your anxiety level on high, take some time for yourself and come to our event to help us in rethinking mental health!


Rethink Mental Health will take place on Friday, April 13 from 11-2 in the hallway of the Otto Shults Center.


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