Best Off-Campus Homework Spots: Press Coffee Co.


As a commuter, I run into problems finding places to study or work on class assignments on campus. The library is usually pretty full, and I cannot get a lot done in the CAB or Sorelles. I also do not have a dorm room where I can do homework. (And let’s be real here, I cannot get anything done in my apartment, there are too many distractions there.) It’s because of this that I began looking for some spots off campus to do my homework.

Now, my best and your best may not line up. But I have created a list of five criteria by which to judge these spots.

  1. Outlets: There needs to be an abundance of outlets, spread out through the establishment. Being a communication and rhetoric major, I write a lot of papers on my laptop. So I at some point will be in need of a little charge.
  2. Wifi: This is pretty self explanatory. It is expected that places which invite people to spend extended periods of time at their establishment offer wifi.
  3. Seating: There’s no use for an outlet if you cannot sit near one. There has to be a decent amount of seating, or there is a chance you won’t even be able to attempt your homework there.
  4. Food and coffee: I love food, and I love coffee even more. I tend to work on a rewards system with myself. Finish one homework assignment, and treat yourself with something delicious.
  5. Atmosphere: This is the big one. I need a relaxing atmosphere, but it also needs a little bit of personality. I cannot sit in some sterile environment to do my homework, and I’m sure that would be difficult for a lot of other people as well.

Now, on to the first spot!

Press Coffee Co.

480 East Main St, Rochester, NY 14604

Right around the corner of a Rochester favorite lies this humble coffee shop. Less than a five minute walk from Java’s on Gibbs, Press Coffee is filled with mismatched chairs and tables, and the walls covered in art. It usually is not busy, meaning there is almost always a place to sit, put your headphones in and hammer out a paper or two. There is wifi too! But as with most places, you have to ask the barista for the password. There are outlets, just not at every table. I’d recommend coming with a full charge or chance not getting a seat near an outlet. And they have food! They offer some breakfast type foods and pastries all day, which is awesome (especially for me.) They have later hours than most on a Sunday, being open until 7pm. So if you are a procrastinator, do not fear! The atmosphere is very relaxing. There are not many people that come here to chat with friends, but rather come here to do work or relax by themselves. You will often find other students working here, being so close to the Eastman School of Music. The large windows at the front allow for amazing views, and good people watching. There’s just something about seeing the Eastman Theatre lit up at night that truly makes the views.

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