The Four Things You Missed at the Marketing Club Agency Crawl


Oh was there food. First, some of us stopped for a nice cup of coffee at a local coffee shop downtown. Then the first agency we visited, Truth Collective, provided us with breakfast! Because what do college kids love more than free food? That included bagels with cream cheese, coffee, and other various sorts of yummy-ness! And after visiting all of the agencies, we were treated to a delicious lunch at the Genesee Brew House in the heart of High Falls. We were able to peruse the gift shop, learn a little bit about the history of the brewery and beer itself. Though, of course as this was a Nazareth sponsored event, no alcohol was consumed. I do intend to go back and taste some of the amazing beers that do come out of that brewery.

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What? Lectures? I know what you’re thinking, “I can sit in class and get that!” But these lectures were different. They provided us with a true inside look at what these businesses do, and some of the projects they’ve worked on. We got to see people do what it is they love, and put our hands on the finished products of these agencies. It’s one thing to hear someone talk about a marketing plan, but what these agencies did was show us how it really all comes to fruition. They were able to teach us about the different positions and types of people who work at a marketing agency and how they all work together. This experience truly helped us learn how a marketing agency ran and all that goes into it.

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This one was probably obvious. I left the agency crawl with about 5 business cards of people I could contact if I had any questions, or wanted to learn more about possible internships. Everyone we met was incredibly friendly and was very excited to see how many students were were interested in marketing and other facets of that at Nazareth. The agencies we met really wanted to know what we wanted out of the crawl so they could properly tailor their tour to us. We met people who ranged from graphic designers, to account managers, to those in public relations. There was someone for everyone to meet on this crawl.

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Yeah this is really corny, but its true. I went on this trip knowing only a couple girls because we had some classes together. After this and all of the fun finding parking, navigating the city, and enjoying some great food, I know I definitely bonded with these girls, along with a couple of new friends from the trip. The Photo Booth in the Genesee Brew House definitely added some more fun to this already amazing trip.

I would like to thank Mark Weber and the Nazareth Marketing Club for putting this together, as well as Truth Collective, Partners and Napier, and Roberts Communications for inviting us to their work space and showing us the ins and outs along with further educating us on the working world we will soon be entering.

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