10 Ways to Stay Happy

Think of the times in your life when you have felt your happiest. What made you so happy? Was it the location, the people you were with or simply the attitude you brought into the situation?

As the end of this semester becomes more and more hectic, I have promised myself I would maintain a positive attitude and not let the stresses of exams and final projects bring me down.

Here is a list of strategies I often use to help lift my spirits that I hope can be of some use to you.


  1. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, it can often be hard to find in Upstate New York, but do anything in your power to get outside and soak it up when we are graced with its presence.
  2. Listen to cheerful, upbeat songs. Island music or my Jack Johnson Pandora station always seems to do the trick for me.
  3. Go to a place you’ve never been before. There’s nothing better than a little adventure to keep you distracted.
  4. Go for a drive alone. Try turning the radio off and just pay attention to the scenery. This is often where I do my best thinking.
  5. Try going a day (or even a few hours) without using your phone. Pay attention to your surroundings and have more conversations with those around you.
  6. Smile at strangers. You may end up brightening their day as well.
  7. Meditate/do yoga/go for a walk/go to the gym – whatever your style is. If you don’t know what works for you, try them all!
  8. Know that you can’t be in control of everything and learn to let those things go. I find it harder to stay positive if I’m constantly worrying.
  9. Make time for your favorite hobbies. They are bound to make you happy if you enjoy doing them.
  10. “We are who we are when we are with the people who make us feel the most alive.” – Unknown. Surround yourself with positive friends who will support and motivate you to become a happier person.

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