100 Word Rant: Handicapped Access

Photo Credit: Anas Qtiesh


Backstory: I broke my foot. How? I fell; the rest is none of your business.

But that is beside the point. The fact is I broke my foot and now it is very hard to get around, especially on this campus. You do not realize how many stairs are on this campus until you cannot use them. You also realize how ill-equipped this campus is to make the lives of those with physical disabilities and injuries easier. Having to walk around a building to the only handicapped entrance is not only annoying, but also difficult as I really do not move around that well. I know it’s a tall order, but this campus needs to improve on its ability to make life easier for those with physical disabilities.

Elizabeth Lenz

Elizabeth is the Associate Editor for The Golden Gazette, and also a senior here at Nazareth. She is majoring in communication and media and working in public relations with the AHL’s Rochester Americans and running the social media for the American Association of University Women, Greater Rochester Area Branch. She can be found at a coffee shop or exploring the city that raised her, Rochester. Also near cats, she loves cats.

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