100 Word Rant: Let Me Use My Laptop

I am a slow writer. It impacts the notes I take, since I am not able to get all the information down before the professor changes the slide or switches topics. That is why I prefer to type my notes, so I can be a better student and get more information down without having to bother my classmates to get the rest of the information. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on Twitter. I can really stay off the internet because I understand that my notes are more important than seeing what selfie Kim K. just tweeted. Let me be a better student. Let me use my laptop in class.

Elizabeth Lenz

Elizabeth is the Associate Editor for The Golden Gazette, and also a senior here at Nazareth. She is majoring in communication and media and working in public relations with the AHL’s Rochester Americans and running the social media for the American Association of University Women, Greater Rochester Area Branch. She can be found at a coffee shop or exploring the city that raised her, Rochester. Also near cats, she loves cats.

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