6 Things You Should Do Before Graduation

IMG_5699It’s no secret that the majority of college kids’ free time is spent going to parties: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights feature crowded downtown buses filled with Naz and Fisher students.

But as a current 20-year-old, “going out” has never been my cup of tea. I chose instead to find other activities I could look back on and truly cherish.

Surprisingly, the following six activities have proven to be far more meaningful than partying ever could be:

  1. We are lucky that Nazareth is located in such a beautiful town, so go explore! Canal walks or runs are one of my favorite things to do in the warmer months. Take a buddy, grab ice cream from Pittsford Dairy, and enjoy the scenery as you stroll down the canal.
  1. During the winter, set aside a night to go ice skating with your crew. The Nazareth Hockey team plays at Bill Gray’s Iceplex for home games, so why not go watch the game and then have fun during open skate afterwards? I promise, it’s great (even if you do fall down once or twice in the process).
  1. Take a drive out to Henrietta and visit Nashville’s for an awesome night of music and dancing. Some may be hesitant with the idea of line-dancing, but it really makes for a great night. The atmosphere is welcoming, which makes trying this new activity even better. Grab some friends, play some pool, and have some fun.
  1. Go for a little road trip. Crossing the border and seeing the falls from the Canadian side is a great experience. Release your inner child and go to one of the numerous arcades, play laser tag (which by the way, is a blast), or just go explore. A weekend trip is definitely worth missing one night out at the club.
  1.  Go to the Nazareth semiformal; it’s a reason to dress up and feel fancy for a night. I attended the past two years, and it didn’t disappoint. There’s great food, music, dancing, and even a photo booth. Take your friends and/or significant other, break out that pretty dress you’ve been dying to wear (or a suit for the guys), and go have a fun and safe night out.
  1.  Movie night! Nothing’s better than staying in, curling up with a bunch of snacks, hot chocolate, and a best friend/significant other, especially when the Rochester winter weather hits. It saves money, doesn’t require dressing up, and involves food/entertainment… basically, the recipe for a perfect night.

It is possible the aforementioned activities are not for everyone. Maybe you were thinking of crazier ideas like skydiving, or planned on just sticking to your normal “going out” routine.

Moral of the story: now is the best time to go try something new, appreciate your friends, and take advantage of all the possible adventures, big or small. Don’t look back on your college years and regret taking the little things in life for granted.

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