7 Reasons Why Joining an Improv Group is a Great Life Decision

One of the reasons I chose Nazareth for my undergraduate studies is because I knew that students’ chosen majors don’t prohibit or discourage them from participating in any extracurriculars. As I was a theatre junkie all through middle and high school, I decided to audition for the on-campus improv group, Script Tease, when I arrived here, and was one of two freshmen members chosen! I currently co-lead our wonderfully wacky group of humans, and I’ve learned so much about what it means to be a part of something amazing. Here are some reasons why auditioning is one of the best choices I’ve made as a college student, and why it would be in your favor to do the same!

7. You’ll become a better listener.


I can honestly say that my listening skills in the classroom have improved immensely because improv is all about supporting the other people in your sketch. It’s about setting them up to be naturally funny, and that translates into all sorts of good qualities, like empathy and academic motivation.

6. You will laugh until you cry.


How can jokes about Barbies serving mozzarella sticks to cowboys in a fake documentary based on the classic 1998 film A Bug’s Life be funny, you ask? I don’t know, but somehow it happens.

5. You’ll recognize that practice may not make perfect, but it will carry you through performances.


People are often confused when I tell them that our group rehearses. I tell them that’s it’s necessary in order for us to learn how to take risks, how to play new games, how to connect with one another theatrically, et cetera. We don’t practice the material we’re going to use in shows- what happens in those rehearsals will only ever happen once. But meeting weekly to check in and learn from one another is key.

4. You will learn the logistics of being in/running a campus club.


Contacting the right people to advertise our shows, booking rooms, creating posters and social media campaigns, designing an inclusive schedule, and recruiting people from all different walks of life to audition are just a few of the things I’ve had to do as a result of joining Script Tease. If all of that isn’t translatable into academia, then I don’t know what is!

3. You can connect with other improv groups and make a zillion friends.


Script Tease recently performed at Improvamonium 2015 at RIT, along with other area groups, and not only did we have more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, but we learned so many new games, and we received insight in terms of how to be “one” with group members, but also set them up quickly for relevant and intuitive jokes.

2. That adrenaline rush from being on stage is the best. 


There is no better feeling than knowing that you’ve made someone laugh. And watching my fellow troupe members rise to the occasion and be their naturally funny selves is super gratifying as well!

(Photo by Janna Kozloski)

1. You will make some pretty awesome friends. 


‘Nuff said.


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