A College Student’s Guide to Disney World

Disney World: The Happiest Place On Earth. Taking a vacation to this magical place is one of the best trips one can possibly take, but it takes a lot of planning. Having gone to Disney World quite a few times, it takes a lot out of your paycheck. However, being in college, I am always looking for ways to save any bit of money, and there are many ways to do that in Disney. I have found a few tips and tricks to help a college student like yourself save money while making the most of a trip to Disney that I want to share with you!

1) Stay on Disney property

As expensive as Disney may be, staying on Disney property can actually save you a good amount of money as well as give you some perks. A few resorts that I have stayed in, such as Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, are two of the not- so-expensive resorts that can offer a lot to those who stay. They offer the cutest rooms, great pool areas, tasty food of all kinds, and beautiful scenery.

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2) Magic Hours!

A huge perk of staying on Disney property is what Disney calls magic hours. Magic hours are extra hours in the park either before the park opens or after the park closes. They are only offered to guests staying on Disney property. You get to stay in the park with other resort guests while the public guests must leave for the night, so lines for rides shorten up and it’s a great time to get on your favorite ride while the line is short!

3) Go to Disney when there is a dining plan

I know, a dining plan sounds like something you would be getting at college, but let me tell you, the dining plan is absolutely worth it. The dining plans are only available at certain times of the year, but I highly recommend getting one if you ever decide to go to Disney. The plan can save hundreds of dollars on dining, and you get quick-service meals, reservation meals, and snacks all included! As well as all of the food you can save money on, you plan these dining plans months in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it when you get there. You can find out more about these dining plans on Disney’s websites of when they’re offered as they do change every year.

4) FastPass

FastPasses are a LIFESAVER when it comes to wanting to get on your favorite ride or right into your favorite shows. A FastPass lets you get in a separate line on a ride or for a show that helps you get on much quicker than the standby line. These FastPasses are put into your magic band that you wear while in Disney and you can start with three at the beginning of the day, and then keep adding on more as you use up your FastPasses. Sometimes standby lines can go up to almost four hours, so it is definitely recommended to use FastPasses while you’re visiting.

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5) Free Things!

A college student’s favorite word is “free.” There are a few free things you can find while in Disney that are super helpful. For one thing, being in Florida can make you very hot and dehydrated, but lucky for you, any of the food spots outside while walking through the streets of Disney will offer you free cups of ice water when asked for. Another free thing that is also super helpful, and another perk of staying on Disney property, is free transportation to anywhere in the Walt Disney World Resort. By the famous monorail train, bus, or ferry, you can be taken to anywhere on Disney property whether it be a park, another resort, or Downtown Disney! Lastly, a fun little thing to do is get pixie dusted! If you go into Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, you can ask one of the cast members to be pixie dusted, and they will sprinkle you with glitter and it’s a nice little magical addition to the Disney magic!

And there you go! Those are some fun tips and tricks to staying in Disney as a college student to help you save some money on your vacation. I hope you will use these tips when planning your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort. As the famous Mickey Mouse says, see ya real soon!

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